Pre-purchase Boat Inspection

This comprehensive Pre Purchase Boat Inspection service is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. The purpose of this marine survey is to provide the buyer with the necessary tools to make informed and balanced decisions regarding the vessel and to evaluate its general condition and overall operation prior to purchase.

Get informed regarding your vessel prior to purchase.

Enhance balanced decisions regarding prior to purchase.

Specific tailored report of the vessel.  

Useful tool to negotiate specific repairs or price adjustments.

Serving as maintenance and service checklist in post purchase.

The Pre Purchase Boat Inspections Perth marine survey report is specifically tailored to provide a clear and realistic assessment of the vessel. It includes a detailed breakdown of recommendations made by the marine surveyor, which are clearly graded as being essential, recommended or advisory. This can be a useful tool, to negotiate specific repairs or price adjustments with the vendor as well as serving as a maintenance and repair checklist post purchase.

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